Force WCDMA network in Moto E

There are no options in Moto E / Moto G / Moto G2 to force the network setting to fetch only WCDMA network. There are only options to select preferred network type rather having force network type in other mobile devices. If in case 2G network is stronger than 3G in your area then automatically it gets into 2G, which slows down the internet connection. Follow below steps to force the network to fetch only 3G.

  1. Open your Phone dialer (the one which you open while dialing a number).
  2. Enter this code: *#*#4636#*#*
  3. An app known as “Testing” will be launched.
  4. Touch the first option “Phone information”. Don’t play with any other options.
  5. You will notice a drop-down option above “turn off Radio” button.
  6. Select the option “WCDMA Only” from the drop down.
  7. You will see that network has changed to 3G or HSDPA mode in the notification bar. If network doesn’t change, touch the “Turn off Radio” button. you will see your phone’s signal are lost. Now again turn it on by tapping on the same button.


Prasad Sahoo

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