How to delete files using sql query from SQL Server

As a SQL Server DBA, I like to code in T-SQL mostly. Recently I had a requirement where I need to delete files on conditional basis. I could have done the same writing a simple batch script or vb script or powershell but as I said conditional, there was small business logic, where I had to validate some conditions against few tables and then delete files. I wrote the same in T-SQL.

Let’s take a simple scenario; delete all text files from a folder older than 2 days.

Method 01: (Using maintenance plan)

We can create a maintenance plan, add “Maintenance cleanup Task” and then configure the folder path. I am not going to explain this method here because, our main goal is to delete files using TSQL code.

Method 02: (Using xp_delete_file)

Note: Maintenance plan runs the same extended stored proc xp_delete_file behind the scene to delete files.

Method 03: (Using xp_cmdshell)

Method 04: (Using OLE automation)

I find this method more robust because of OLE automation; we can delete files not only on basis of file created date but also on basis of file modified and accessed date.

I have used a function called ufn_fileOperation, I would recommend you to visit an article here if you are new to OLE automation in SQL Server.

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