How to verify SQL Server connection without SSMS

There are occasional times when we need to test connectivity from a machine back to SQL Server without installing SSMS or any tool. There are many ways to do it but the question is how easily can this be done? This is often asked in DBA interviews also, “How to verify sql server connection without SSMS?” or “How to find installed sql server instance names on a machine without SSMS or any tools?”

Answer: Using UDL (Universal Data Link) file.

  1. RUN → Notepad
  2. Once the notepad is opened, File → Save As… (Do not type anything in the notepad)
  3. Choose the path → Save as type: All Files (*.*) → File name: Test.udl (File name can be anything but the extension must be .udl)
  4. Double click on the udl file




Prasad Sahoo

Prasad Sahoo, is an enthusiast of Microsoft technologies in general and a passionate database professional, mainly focusing on SQL Server performance tuning and business intelligence. He has contributed a long time of his career working on SQL Server and other RDBMS. If he is not busy with SQL stuff then he must be watching some Hollywood movies.

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