SQL Server management studio keyboard shortcuts

Description Shortcut Key
Create  New File CTRL+N
Open File CTRL+O
Display the Query Designer CTRL+SHIFT+Q
Close a menu or dialog box / Canceling the action ESC
Toggle full screen mode SHIFT+ALT+ENTER
Cycle through the next MDI child windows CTRL+TAB
Cycle through the previous MDI child windows CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
Display Object Explorer F8
Display Registered Servers CTRL+ALT+G
Display Solution Explorer CTRL+ALT+L
Set or remove a bookmark CTRL+K, CTRL+K
Next bookmark CTRL+K, CTRL+N
Previous bookmark CTRL+K, CTRL+P
Clear bookmarks CTRL+K, CTRL+L
Go To Line CTRL+G
Comment Text CTRL+K, CTRL+C
Uncomment Text CTRL+K, CTRL + U
Execute Query / Refresh F5
Display the estimated execution plan CTRL+L
Cancel the executing query ALT+BREAK
Include actual execution plan CTRL+M
Output results in a grid CTRL+D
Output results in text format CTRL+T
Show / hide the query results pane CTRL+R
Toggle between query and results pane F6
List members in Intellisense CTRL+SPACE
Complete word  in Intellisense ALT+RIGHT ARROW
Parameter information  in Intellisense CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE
Find / Search CTRL+F
Replace CTRL+H
Search Next Occurance F3
Display the context menu SHIFT+F10

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